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At Scientific Fire Analysis, John J. Lentini can investigate fire or explosion scenes, locate the point of origin, and chemically determine the presence of ignitable liquids or explosives. John can also evaluate the validity of the work of other investigators through review of reports, testimony, photographs, chemical and other data. He is familiar with fire and building codes and can determine whether a structure, product, service or installation met applicable code requirements prior to a fire or other loss. John is capable of performing and reviewing all types of chemical and instrumental analyses, and giving expert testimony as to the results of his investigations and analyses.

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John's Newest Edition: Scientific Protocols for Fire Investigation, Third Edition

Scientific Protocols for Fire Investigation, Third Edition focuses on the practical application of fundamental scientific principles to determine the causes of fires. This latest, fully updated Third Edition reflects the most recent developments in the field.

Written with language and terms that make the science accessible even to the non-scientist, this new edition will be a valuable resource to any professional involved in fire and arson cases from the initial scene investigation to courtroom presentation.


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